Now's the time to protect our borders

Now’s the time to protect our borders! As a nation, we cannot continue to allow our borders to be overwhelmed with illegal immigration, illegal drugs, human trafficking, and the threat of terrorists. For Idaho and for our great nation, we must secure our borders to ensure that our citizens are protected from the swell of illegal activity and threats.  Now’s the time to protect innocent women and children and close our borders to human trafficking. Now’s the time stop the drug traffickers from killing our people with the overwhelming amount of illegal drugs coming across the borders.  Now’s the time to protect our nation from criminals and terrorists crossing the borders unchecked.

Our country needs a leader in Washington who is committed to protect our borders.  Brenda Bourn will stand and fight for legislation that will protect our citizens from the threats that are trying to cross our borders every day!  Brenda is a leader who will not lose focus on the border, because now’s the time!