Now's the time to empower educational freedom

As Senator, Brenda Bourn will fight to empower parents to lead in the education of their children. For too long, the basics of teaching our children in the disciplines of reading, writing, math, and science in our public schools have been compromised in order to make room to teach in subjects that are not age appropriate, cause confusion and do not belong in our children's classrooms. Parents in Idaho and throughout the nation need to be assured that they have the power and right to lead in providing education and guidance in the areas of sex, gender, and complex social issues.  

Parents need to be empowered to make choices about education that meet the needs of their children. In every model – from home school, to private school, to public school – parents must be empowered to exercise education freedom for their children and choose the model that best meets their specific needs. 


Brenda supports giving parents the freedom to use their tax dollars to direct their children’s education and choose schools to educate their children through an educational voucher system. Having paid for private education for her own daughter, Brenda knows how important it is to have the freedom of choice in this important area of raising kids. Now’s the time to empower parents to exercise educational freedom for their families.