Now's the time to restore medical freedom

Now’s the time to restore freedom in the medical field. Brenda Bourn will fight to give doctors and medical professionals the freedom to do what is best for their patients without the threat of government interference, administrative restrictions, or financial policies. Doctors need to be guaranteed the freedom to treat their patients based on their expertise and conscience. Patients need to know that their doctor has the right and freedom to provide the very best care possible.


The doctor/patient relationship must be grounded in trust, freedom, and a commitment to do what is right for each patient. Now’s the time to fight for the rights of doctors and patients to build that relationship free of outside influences. Now’s the time to abolish corporate policies and governmental agendas that handicap the health care system in Idaho and throughout the nation.   


As Senator, Brenda Bourn will fight to ensure that patients and doctors can be free to build that sacred trust so that citizens can know that the care they get ensures the absolute best health possible. Now’s the time to restore medical freedom. Now’s the time to regain the sacred doctor/patient relationship free of regulatory red tape and uninterested policy. Now’s the time for Washington to do something to restore freedom and trust in the medical field. Brenda Bourn is ready to take a stand for your medical freedom!