I am getting ready to cast my ballot, and I like the positions your campaign has aligned with, but am curious about your stances on the Federal government’s role in governance, abortion, free speech, gun rights, and Federal spending and debt.


Thank you for your interest in my campaign and for considering a change in the status quo. We have seen what the career politicians have done for us and that’s why I’m running. I saw firsthand how the government gave authority and power to an agency that has torn our country down and I did not see our leaders fighting back. I saw how federal overreach affected me and my coworkers being forced to make a decision of personal health choice or compliance. Again I did not see our leaders stepping up and fighting back nor returning emails or phone calls. Because of first-hand experience of government overreach, I will make sure Idahoans do not have the federal government dictating what states should do. I will fight by my vote and my actions to protect the unborn, free speech, and gun rights. I am financially conservative and believe our government budget should run like a business meaning we do not spend more than what we have. I’ve run my campaign that way and God has blessed me every week with enough to cover any expense.

Please remember to vote for Brenda Bourn on May 17th!

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